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Harris County administrator's claim violent crime down 12% based on inaccurate data

The Department of Public Safety compiles crime statistics based on data provided by law enforcement agencies, like theĀ Harris County Sheriff's Office.

"It's all based on the reporting. The sheriff's office has to report the arrests they make, who did we book into jail," said David Batton, Legal Counsel for the Harris County Deputies Organization.

Last week, County Administrator David Berry presented data to Commissioners Court showing violent crime in the county was down 12%.

"The numbers that we are seeing in violent crime today are lower from last year, and the numbers we saw in 2021 were trending down from 2020. We are moving in the right direction downward," Berry stated in a press release.

But look at this. The sheriff's office shows zero murders, rapes, and robberies occurred in Harris County last month.

"The numbers aren't there that should be there, that's a problem," Batton said.

The sheriff's office says they didn't report September data to DPS due to ...