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The Camel's Nose Inside the Church

On Capitol Hill, momentum is growing to pass the “Transgender Bill of Rights” (H.Res. 1209). The U.S. House can vote at any moment. We must stop this outrageous bill and there is no time to waste.

H.Res. 1209 is not about equality—if it were, it would not expressly state that no religious exemptions are allowed! This is about crushing religious freedom. Please rush your urgent faxes to Congress to stop H.Res. 1209. — Mat

Churches and religious schools must have the right to teach the next generation biblical values.

Without this freedom, churches and schools will close or go underground. Communist countries relentlessly target churches to silence them. And that is exactly what this so-called “Transgender Bill of Rights” does, as well.

Imagine your children at school being taught by a male “drag queen,” and the school being powerless to say, “No, this violates our beliefs!”

Seems far-fetched? It’s not.

We have a case of an elementary teacher in Madison, Wisconsin, who sent all the K-5 children a video telling them to no longer refer to him as “Mr.” From henceforth, they must refer to him as “Mx.” because he is ...