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Harris County Democrats Allocate $2.3 million to "Incentivize" Criminals to Attend Court

Tomorrow the County Commissioners begin discussion on the 2023 FY budget. The Justice and Safety portion of the budget has a few items which will be sure to raise one’s eyebrows, see below:

  • $37.3 million for outsourcing of prisoners due to prison overcrowding.
  • $5 million for the HART program (holistic approach to policing)
  • $210 thousand for a “study on equity analysis”
  • $2.3 million for “incentivizing criminals to attend misdemeanor courts”

Why is the county spending $2.3 million to “incentivize” criminals to attend court? Victims families do not receive awards for going to court. Here we are again with the Harris Democrats taking the side of the criminals as opposed to the victims.