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Ever Wondered How Your Tax Dollars Make It To Those In Need? Check Out This Step-By-Step Guide

As everyone knows, the only possible way to help the underprivileged is to give money to the government and let them do it for you. But have you ever wondered how bureaucrats help your hard-earned dollars make it all the way to the people who need it most?

Let The Babylon Bee break down the whole process for you:

1) The IRS asks you to please take a wild guess at how much money you should pay them.

2) The IRS takes this amount of money. If you guessed the wrong amount, straight to jail!

3) Your money goes to the IRS, who then rolls a 20-sided die to see if they should use your money to pay an auditor to see if you gave them the correct amount of money. 

4) If your money makes it past this step, it goes to the Treasury Department. They will then use your money as collateral to borrow a larger sum of money from China.

5) China will use this holding of debt to ensure no one opposes their heinous crimes against ...