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Transgender Activists Strategize to Overcome GOP Wins With ‘Race Class Gender Narrative’

Transgender activists plan to combat conservative messaging and sway American sentiment on gender issues by “weaving together” race, gender, and class in a “Race Class Gender Narrative,” according to a new report.

The “Transgender Youth and the Freedom to Be Ourselves” messaging guide comes as Democratic activists scramble to counter the efforts of Republicans and conservative groups who increasingly combat liberal ideology through messaging and legislation.  

Conservative scholars and activists warn The Daily Signal that although many Americans hold traditional or “intuitive” beliefs when it comes to these issues, liberal messaging packaged in a “Race Class Gender Narrative” may prove powerful and persuasive. 

“Recently,” warns the report, “[Republicans] have paired these attacks with fear-mongering about Critical Race Theory, mobilizing their base with a potent mix of racist and transphobic tropes.”  

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, GOP lawmakers passed more than 100 pieces of legislation related to transgender issues in 2021. Many of these bills attempt to ban biological males from women’s sports, restrooms, or locker rooms, or prohibit minors from obtaining ...