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Class Action Certification Filed for IL NorthShore Health Care Employees

Liberty Counsel filed a brief today asking the federal District Court of Illinois to conditionally certify the entire class of health care workers to include them in the emergency relief against the COVID shot mandate at NorthShore University HealthSystem. 

On November 1, Judge John F. Kness issued a temporary restraining order against NorthShore on behalf of 14 health care workers. The court said the plaintiffs are likely to prevail on Title VII and the Illinois Health Care Right of Conscience Act. The court set November 16 for a preliminary injunction hearing at which Liberty Counsel will seek protection for all NorthShore employees for the duration of the lawsuit.

Hundreds of NorthShore health care employees who requested religious accommodations from the “Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Policy” are already at home on unpaid leave – all of them victims of NorthShore’s unlawful, generalized, uniform, across-the-board “no accommodation” policy. 

NorthShore previously granted exemptions for some employees but then denied them in mid-September. Those denials were either without explanation or because the requests failed to meet ...