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Reproving The Unfruitful Works Of Darkness

We need a modern day

Black Robed Regiment 

The British labeled the Pastors in the American Colonies as “The Black Robed Regiment” as they ascended to their pulpits every Sunday and inflamed the people to LIBERTY from tyranny!

With the attacks on the minds and souls of our children through CRT & LGBTQ+++, we need another modern day Black Robed Regiment!

The Mayor of Edmond, Oklahoma, issued a Proclamation celebrating LGBTQ+++ Pride Month.  Watch this 5-minute video clip from Monday night’s city council meeting as the pastors in Edmond are standing up against the wicked actions of the mayor of Edmond – “reproving” the unfruitful works of darkness.

We are actively beginning to build modern day BRR Pastors in Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma with invitations to begin work in other states. 

Keep an eye out for emails this week as we are working actively in these three states. 

Come and join us for our next Liberty Pastors Training Camp being held at the Hilton Garden Inn and Conference Center in the Oklahoma City suburb of Edmond.  America at the Crossroads Liberty Pastors Conference - Edmond, OK Tickets, Sun, Jul 25, 2021.

For such a time as this, 

Pastor Paul Blair & Pastor Dan Fisher