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The War On Children

Dear Friends,

I know many of you are deeply concerned about our country today, as I am. It is rocking and reeling like a ship on a stormy sea. Everything we have cherished about America is under assault, encompassing the entire Judeo-Christian ethic. Where do we start to preserve what we can't afford to lose? Specifically, what should be our highest priority in the battle to save our crumbling culture? It is my conviction that above all else, we must rise to the defense of this generation of children. Their minds and souls are in severe jeopardy.

When I survey what is being done to the most vulnerable members of society, I become alarmed and angry. Children are the future of the human race. You and I will soon pass from the scene, and today's younger generation will "inherit the earth." The Marxist-Leftist activists and liberal politicians who are engineering today's revolution understand this dynamic fully. They recognize that everything they and their socialist predecessors have sought to achieve for many decades is suddenly within reach. This is why they are throwing hell itself at the young. They are striking while the iron is red hot.

Life offers us only a few brief years to introduce our kids to Jesus Christ, and to teach them the biblical principles on which tomorrow's civilization will depend. Their eternal destinies will rely on our fulfillment of this charge. Arrayed against us are formidable foes who hate what we hold dear. They are armed with powerful weapons that include the leftist educational establishment, the entertainment industry, the liberal courts, the pornography business, the nation's universities, the Internet, and almost every center of power. Each of these entities and many more are increasingly hostile to the traditional family and to the values that once provided the foundation for Western Civilization. You—moms, dads and grandparents—are rapidly losing your progeny.

Where do we turn to find support and hope? Our best resource is with the committed, informed, dedicated, Bible-believing Church of Jesus Christ. There are tens of thousands of ...