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Homeless Man Asks Texas Steakhouse Owner for Job Busing, and She Gives Him ‘A Whole New Start’

A Texas community came through for a homeless man in need after a social media post shared his story.

Kenneth Smith went from sitting outside an Outback Steakhouse to busing tables for the same restaurant—but most importantly, he found hope.

It all started with a gift card.

A concerned customer saw Smith dozing in a chair outside the eatery, approached him, and asked if he was okay. Smith admitted he wasn’t.

“I’ve been homeless for a good four years,” he later told NBC. He’d been left wondering, “How am I going to get a meal? Who am I going to turn to? Who can I ask?”

The sympathetic customer handed him a $100 gift card for the restaurant.

Thus, swapping his chair outside for a booth inside, Smith got to chatting with the venue’s partner, Laura Hodges, a mother of three, who was moved by his story. She said she didn’t want him to go hungry.

Hodges gave him continued sustenance for close to five months—until he got an idea and asked Hodges for ...