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Pastor: “I Do Not Cooperate With Nazis”

When government-sanctioned police officers armed with weapons showed up at the front door of a Canadian church, the pastor did what any freedom-loving Christian would do: he ordered them to leave the property.

You can watch the entire encounter below — and I encourage all Christians to do just that.

“I do not cooperate with Gestapo,” said Artur Pawlowski, pastor of The Cave of Adullam in Canada. “I do not talk to the Nazis. You came in your uniforms like thugs. That’s what you are – brownshirts of Adolf Hitler. You are Nazi Gestapo Communist Fascists.”

Government leaders showed up on at the church this weekend to serve some sort of notice that the church was in violation of Canada’s China Virus orders.

I wrote about this sort of Nazi-like behavior in my book, “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation.” Click here to get a copy.

We are watching a global attack against Christianity — an early step in plunging the United States into socialism.

During Passover, the pastor garnered national attention when he drove six police officers from the church’s lobby.

This weekend, a large contingent of officers showed up — again ...