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China Aid's Bob Fu granted restraining order against protestors, billionaire Chinese media executive

Chinese-American pastor and China Aid founder Bob Fu has been granted a restraining order from protestors who gathered outside his home last year, forcing the family to remain in protective custody for several months. 

In an email sent to The Christian Post, Fu, whose human rights organization is dedicated to exposing religious persecution by the Communist Party in China and to promoting religious freedom for all in that country, revealed that after weeks of harassment, protestors finally left his family home in Midland, Texas. 

Fu said that a federal judge had issued a restraining order in February barring them from approaching Fu, his family, or the staff of China Aid. A copy of the restraining order given to CP names Chinese billionaire Miles Kwok, also known as Guo Wengui — who Fu said paid protestors to stand outside his home from early October through January — Wengui’s media company, GTV Media Group; and Saraca Media Group, Inc.

Set to expire on June 1, 2021, unless extended by the court, the restraining order bans Wengui “or anyone acting in concert” with him, from picketing Fu’s home, approaching within 100 feet of the activist, his family, or his employees, and picketing within 50 feet of China Aid’s business location. 

Fu and his family were placed in protective custody in October after protestors lined up outside his home, accusing the China Aid founder of acting as a “fake pastor,” a communist spy, and an operative of the CCP.

Fu’s 15-year-old daughter had to be taken out of school by armed police as a result of the protests. The family returned home in December but remained under police custody. 

In November, Fu filed a federal lawsuit alleging that Wengui, the owner of Beijing Zenith Holdings, unlawfully targeted him through online death threats and protests.

The lawsuit alleged that Wengui was orchestrating a “multi-faceted campaign of character assassination” to silence Fu and discourage his work promoting religious freedom and human rights within China.

“Although claiming to support the Chinese pro-democracy movement, [Wengui] employs his vast legal, financial, and corporate resources, together with his robust social media presence, to systematically target pro-democracy and pro-religious freedom activists in the Chinese American community,” the lawsuit said. “Since 2018, [Wengui] has attacked Chinese human rights activists and bona fide CCP (Chinese Communist Party) dissidents in the United States. This year, Plaintiff Bob Fu became [Wengui's] latest target.”

In an email to CP, Fu said that he continues to face harassment as a result of his activism. Last week, he revealed on Twitter that Bank of America ...