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When it Comes to Amy Coney Barrett, Ignorance Abounds

When it Comes to Amy Coney Barrett, Ignorance Abounds

e a charismatic Christian. 

On some occasions, unfortunately, it’s discussed with blatant bigotry. 

In a recent monologue, comedian Bill Maher called Barrett “a [expletive] nut.” 

He then described her as “Catholic, I mean like really, really Catholic” — as if that was supposed to be unacceptable or on the fringes of society in his narrow-minded worldview. 

His audience got a good laugh. But I don’t find it funny. Thousands at my church wouldn’t find it funny, and neither would millions of Americans. 

What I’ve seen and heard over the last two weeks reflects how out of touch many Americans are with the shifting religious landscape in America. What might’ve been considered out of the mainstream 50 years ago — the charismatic movement, Pentecostals, and other vibrant denominations of the Christian faith — is far more mainstream today than they are aware. 

Charismatics believe what Jesus commanded about worship, prayer, and miracles; and we take him literally. If the press did their homework, they would discover that millions of Americans nationwide have wholeheartedly embraced the principles of a charismatic faith. Barrett’s faith is one that is expanding across the country, and even around the world. A Pew Research study has shown that more than a quarter of the world’s 2 billion Christians identify with charismatic Christianity. 

Some of the more reasonable voices in the Democratic Party have spoken up and condemned the personal attacks on Barrett, her family, and her faith. But it’s clear that many who are out of touch with the faith community just can’t help themselves when they take to the airwaves.

So before this goes any further, and anyone else considers taking a jab at someone’s charismatic faith — or any faith for that matter — may I suggest taking the time to understand it, and getting to know us first. 

Critics have quickly dismissed Barrett without truly knowing her. Yet it seems those who know her well — those who attended law school with her, her students at Notre Dame, and her colleagues — none of them come remotely close to ...