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Evolution's Inherent Racism defended by Clarence Darrow: The Monkey Trial & William Jennings Bryan

Evolution's Inherent Racism defended by Clarence Darrow: The Monkey Trial & William Jennings Bryan

The Scopes Monkey Trial in 1925 pitted EVOLUTION against CREATION. 

Clarence Darrow was the attorney who defended EVOLUTION. Darrow had previously defended Leopold and Loeb, the teenage homosexual thrill killers who murdered 14-year-old Robert "Bobby" Franks in 1924 just for the excitement. Darrow obtained a pardon for antifa-type anarchists in 1886 who blew up a pipe bomb in Chicago's Haymarket, Square, killing 7 policemen and injured 60 others.

A Haymarket Statue was dedicated to the fallen policemen. The policemen's Haymarket Statue was blown up by the socialist anarchist group Weather Underground on October 6, 1969, prior to the "Days of Rage" protests. The statue was rebuilt, but the Weather Underground blew it up again on October 6, 1970.

The Weather Underground's leaders had a lasting effect, as two of them, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, hosted a meeting in 1995 to launch Barack Obama's Illinois State Senate Campaign; and another, Eric Mann, trained Patrisse Cullors, a founder of Black Lives Matter. 

Clarence Darrow defended the "mentally deranged drifter" Patrick Eugene Prendergast in 1894 who confessed to murdering Chicago mayor Carter H. Harrison, Sr. 

Darrow defended socialist organizer Eugene V. Debs, who was prosecuted for instigating the Pullman Railroad Strike which caused 30 deaths, 57 wounded, and $80 million in property damages in 27 states. 

Debs founded the Socialist Party of America, which branched off the Communist Party USA in 1919.

Clarence Darrow represented the Western Federation of Miners leaders charged with the 1905 murder of former Idaho Gov. Frank Steunenberg. In 1911, the American Federation of Labor arranged for Darrow to defend the McNamara brothers. The McNamara brothers were charged with dynamiting the Los Angeles Times building which killed 21 employees. Implicated in bribing jurors, Darrow was banned from practicing law in California.

In 1925, Darrow unsuccessfully defended John Scopes, a Tennessee high school biology teacher who ...