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Harris County Commissioners Review Options to Restrict Robotic Brothels

Harris County Commissioners Review Options to Restrict Robotic Brothels

Given the past history of Sexually Oriented Businesses (SOB) to simply move into unincorporated Harris County, outside Houston city limits, when restrictive ordinances have been adopted by the city, the likelihood that the owner of KinkySdollS to move his “sex robots” business outside the city seemed very high.

Immediately following the adoption by Houston City Council last week of an ordinance that prohibits the on-site “rental” or “pay to play” of robotic sex dolls, Houston Area Pastor Council reached out to County Commissioner Jack Cagle, Commissioner Jack Morman and County Judge Emmett with a request that they immediately take up consideration of any additional regulation needed in the county to do the same.  Clearly others did as well and the Commissioners were very responsive and acted quickly.

At the Tuesday, October 9 Commissioner’s Court meeting, several individuals representing groups involving human sex trafficking intervention and victim advocacy also called on the court to move this direction and Rev. Dave Welch testified on behalf of HAPC our strong and unequivocal support for the strongest restrictions allowed by state and federal law.  (Click HERE to watch testimony at time marker 15:42 of “Item VI – Appearances before court Adjournment”)

Judge Emmett and County Attorney Vince Ryan responded very strongly that they had begun reviewing existing county SOB regulations and while they were comfortable that those existing did in fact prohibit the “pay to play” use of these human-like and predominantly “female” robots, they would continue to look at every option.

Texas Pastor Council has also already begun reaching out to surrounding counties under the premise that since this Toronto “businessman” had identified greater Houston as the best market in the country for this hideous and evil practice, opening up anywhere in the Metroplex would be nearly as profitable as being in the city of Houston.

The greater issue raised by Welch and one of the others testifying was that some serious community soul searching was in order because of the brutal reality of the existing market of men willing to pay for sex with children, minors and women – mostly trafficked and enslaved – in Houston.

In the meanwhile HAPC will continue to work with Harris County Commissioners, surrounding counties and cities to adopt similar ordinances.