Mega church Pastor Dr. Ed Young called Democrats "some kind of religion that is basically godless" during an impromptu speech at Congressman John Culberson’s election watch party Tuesday night.

... His comments came after Rep. Culberson’s concession speech. Members of the crowd asked Dr. Young to lead a closing prayer. Before doing so, Dr. Young spoke. He told a story about ...

"This is by far the largest sanction I've ever been a part of or ever heard of being imposed against CPS," said attorney Dennis Slate.

Family Law Judge Mike Schneider says he would have made Child Protective Services pay even more but didn't want to burden taxpayers.

The judge found CPS case worker Levar Jones and his supervisor Niesha Edwards lied in order to ...

Rev. Dave Welch, representing the pastors of HAPC, demands the protection of children by terminating Drag Queen Reading Hour in Houston Public Libraries in a letter to Mayor Sylvester Turner.

Given the past history of Sexually Oriented Businesses (SOB) to simply move into unincorporated Harris County, outside Houston city limits, when restrictive ordinances have been adopted by the city, the likelihood that the owner of KinkySdollS to move his “sex robots” business outside the city seemed very high.

Immediately following the adoption by Houston City Council last week of an ordinance that prohibits the on-site “rental” or “pay to play” of robotic sex dolls, Houston Area Pastor Council reached out to County Commissioner Jack Cagle, Commissioner Jack Morman and County Judge Emmett with a request that ...

There is so much misinformation being disseminated at the current round of “town hall” meetings it is hard to keep up with all of it. If you have been subjected to this mendacious onslaught, let me set the record straight on a few issues.

There Is/Will Be No Lockbox for the Drainage Fees. City officials have been telling the town halls that passing Proposition A will make sure that the drainage fees are “dedicated” so future administrations don’t pilfer the drainage fees for other uses. What chutzpah. This from the same administration that earlier this year authorized a position for a “pedestrian and bike coordinator” to be paid from the “dedicated” fund.

Pastors, elected officials, candidates and community leaders gathered at Houston’s First Baptist Church on September 13 for a briefing on a proposition being voted on – again – by City of Houston citizens that proposes a “lock box” for drainage fee revenues. The luncheon also included an opportunity for candidates on the ballot in November and who were in attendance an opportunity to share about their position and credentials. Candidates included ...

A group of our HAPC Executive Council pastors (Pastor Garrett Booth, Pastor Hernan Castano, Pastor Willie Davis and Dave Welch) met on September 5 with Houston Mayor Turner to determine if there are any content standards for materials or programs in the Houston Public Library(HPL).  Shockingly, we found out that the answer is that there are NO STANDARDS.  In addition, we confirmed that ...

Drag queens reading stories to children in libraries, schools and bookstores is a concept gaining attention throughout the U.S.

.... In one 45-minute-long program, a drag queen trained by children’s librarians reads picture books, sings songs, and leads children in a simple craft activity, but there are many critics who don't believe the concept is appropriate for young children.

The Houston Public Library released the following statement regarding Drag Queen Story Hour ....

We got the awful news Friday morning that there had been a school shooting in Santa Fe, South of Houston, in Galveston County.

Prayers went up immediately all over Texas as we prayed for the injured and grieved for those we knew were lost and their families who were dealing with unimaginable pain.

I drove toward Santa Fe thinking about what a tough year it has been for Texas. We experienced Hurricane Harvey, the greatest natural disaster in the history of our country, followed by the evil we saw at Sutherland Springs. Now we have lost 10 lives at Santa Fe and 13 more were injured.

Every Texan is asking the same question – are we doing everything we can to assure this doesn't happen again.

President Trump tweeted an order that would disqualify most transgender people from serving in the military.

The reason—the White House says troops with a history of "gender dysphoria present considerable risk to military effectiveness and lethality."

Current service members who are transgender but have not undergone re-assignment surgery will be allowed to stay in the military as long as they have been medically stable for three years in their biological sex before joining the military. Those who require or have already had gender re-assignment surgery will be disqualified from service.