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Democrats vote to disarm Blacks, "No freedman, Negro, or mulatto shall carry or keep firearms or ammunition"-Mississippi Black Code, 1865

Democrats passed laws called "Black Codes," which included taking guns away from Blacks.

The Democrat Legislature of North Carolina passed a Black Code, published in 1825:

"No slave shall go armed with gun, sword, club, or other weapon, or shall keep any such weapon, or shall hunt or range with a gun in the woods, upon any pretence whatsoever:

and if any slave shall be found offending herein, it shall and may be lawful for any person or persons to seize and take to his own use, such gun, sword, or other weapon,

and to apprehend and deliver such slave to the next constable, who is enjoined and required without further order or warrant, to give such slave twenty lashes on his or her bare back, and to send him or her home; and the master."

The Democrat Legislature of Georgia passed a Black Code in 1833:

“The Free person of colour, so detected in owning, using or carrying fire-arms, shall receive on his bare back ..."