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Dr. Louis Markos and "MIseducation" Documentary Dazzle Pastors With History-Packed Presentation about Government Education

Pastors gathered for a special luncheon hosted by Houston Area Pastor Council at Houston's First Baptist Church that featured a partial showing of the powerful documentary "The Mis-education of America" produced by Fox Nation.  One of principle experts in the documentary is Dr. Louis Markos with Houston Baptist University, and we were blessed to have him share an incredible amount of historical and practical information about the century-old "Progressive" assault on our educational system.

USPC continues to strongly urge pastors, parents and concerned citizens to not only watch this five-part series but to show it in our churches.  The essence is that all of the moral, academic and operational chaos in the government schools system (including Critical Race Theory and sexual perversion) are simply the latest manifestations of the agenda to steal and destroy the hearts of minds of children since the late 19th century.

We plan more of these luncheons with this documentary and Dr. Markos, so pastors interested in hosting one in your area please contact us at 832-688-9166 or