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Is the church going to be “trampled spring” or “living water”?

It is tragic that a peaceable gathering of tens of thousands of American citizens in our nation’s capitol was marred and branded by the lawless actions of a fraction with even the possibility – even likelihood – that many of those who pushed past barriers, accosted police and entered the Capitol building were not even there to support President Trump but as “plants” by leftist groups.  Some were indeed just patriotic American citizens feeling disenfranchised.  First- hand testimonies of those present indicate that the vast majority of the people were orderly and peaceful.

Unfortunately, it only takes a very few to disrupt the peace and safety for all and it must be made clear that mob behavior which jeopardizes those rights for both participants as well as our courageous law enforcement personnel is unacceptable.   The terrible loss of human lives is even more so.  Stealing an election through a well-orchestrated campaign of vote manipulation, fabrication and theft is also unacceptable and the rising and real fear of millions of Americans about the imminent loss of freedom under socialist tyranny is palpable.

This is where the pastors of our land and our churches are so vital because the hope that we have in the absolute authority of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as well as the lordship and commandments of Jesus Christ turn us away from fear to stand firmly on faith in His loving hand of justice and mercy.  In addition, we should first feel grief and even anger towards the silence and acquiescence of most churches to the flood tide of evil in our communities, states and nation that takes away lives, safety, prosperity and freedom from our people. We have met the enemy and he is us.

“Like a trampled spring and a polluted well Is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked.” (Proverbs 25:26)

Much of the American church either by complete absence from moral, cultural and public policy discussions or even worse, defending unbiblical positions and elected officials, has been a “trampled spring and a polluted well.”  We are called to bring the Living Water to bring life to the world around us and when we yield, surrender or “give way” to the wicked we have become complicit in the enemies plan to steal, kill and destroy.

It is decision time for pastors and churches across America to decide whether our call requires us to exercise the greatest love and lay down our own kingdoms, agendas, comfort and convenience for the Kingdom of Christ and the future of our children and grandchildren.  As for pastors in the U.S. Pastor Council network, we have already committed to staying the course to stand, speak and act humbly and boldly in defense of the sanctity of all innocent human life, God’s moral laws and justice, His design of sexes, marriage and family and freedom to exercise our faith.