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Evangelical & Rights Leaders Launch Letter to Congress to Investigate Election Theft

Evangelical & Rights Leaders Launch Letter to Congress to Investigate Election Theft

November 18, 2020

Honored Members of Congress and State Legislators of the United States of America,

Thank you for honoring your solemn oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. As faith and human rights leaders, we urge your immediate and bold inquiry into the many claims and emerging signs of election fraud and theft, in 2020.

Citizens must trust the outcome of an election, however, given many irregularities, such as Republican observers being illegally blocked from observing “mail-in” ballots, and digital manipulation, tens of millions of Americans have lost faith in the election process.

We are at a decision point between two conflicting futures for America. If fairly reached, either outcome could be accepted, but to steal an election is to rob citizens of their heritage and desired future. Voter fraud is evil. Investigating and opposing fraud is not only wise and just, it is also absolutely necessary to convince Americans that their vote counts.

Only fact-finding, truth and justice will begin to unite our nation. Every legal vote should count. Not one unverified or illegal ballot should count. Please investigate claims and the larger pattern of biased “incompetence,” in-person and mail-in fraud, observer blockage, technological and software manipulation such as digital vote switching, vote deleting, internet-connected voting machines and more. Experts urge authenticated audits, segregation of after-voting ballots, impounding ballots and machines and more. Concerns can be seen on websites such as and

If election theft has occurred in any districts or cities, if Americans have been defrauded in any way, then we must find restitution in 2020. The war for truth is now, not in future elections. Theft of a nation must never be rewarded but exposed and punished by law. America will not recover from such an unconscionable crime, as the funders, social engineers and perpetrators of vote manipulation well know. Why should so few have so much power to harm our nation?

We urge members of Congress, state representatives, our DOJ, FBI and Supreme Court to set aside all else to resolve the 2020 vote. Leadership in D.C. must speak as one voice and insist that there will be no declared winners until voters are convinced that the election was honest and fair, and that the final count is accurate.

If our elected officials fail now, or kick this can down the road, we will never again see a fair and honest election. Americans will be further demoralized, divided and overwhelmed by the radical forces against the City on a Hill for which our forebears lived and died. We cannot allow this on our watch. It is cultural abuse. It is spiritual abuse. We must keep the republic bequeathed to us as the last, best harbor of human freedom. Not a “new America,” but the true America.

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