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Pastors, elected officials, leaders enjoy fellowship at July 9 Pearland Breakfast Briefing

Finding unity in shared Christian values, not racial division or political posturing, was the message that undergirded the recent Pastors' Breakfast hosted by the Texas Pastor Council on July 9, 2020, in Pearland, TX. Pastors of "every color, every corner" of central and north Brazoria County and region, and area elected officials and law enforcement leaders participated in the Pastors' Critical Issues Briefing that included a discussion of the key issues of racial unity, equal justice, and responsible biblical citizenship. 

Pastor Harold Gentry of Majestic Christian Center kicked off the event with a heartfelt personal testimony about his formative years of growing up and the impact of race on his home life and his community. Pastor Gentry poignantly issued a charge toward unity in the critical time of division that our country currently faces. As believers, we should remember to “lead the way” and identify with the full range of racial diversity comprising the body of Christ. Gentry emphasized that we should not view others by racial categories, but rather as “fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and as one race – the human race.” 

The continual need for strategic action involving the church, community, civic and political leaders, and law enforcement to address underlying spiritual, social, moral, and legal issues leading to decay and crime was a key part of the discussions held at the Critical Issues Briefing. Several state and local leaders in attendance including State Representative Ed Thompson and State Senator Larry Taylor were also able to weigh in on religious freedom issues and the current disposition of church re-openings across Texas. 

Dr. Hernan Castano, US Pastor Council Director of Hispanic Church Development, urged event participants to spread the word about the need, weight, and importance of their vote in the upcoming 2020 Elections. He emphasized that the Christian vote will be the margin of difference in key races and will ultimately determine our government's principles. Pastor Castano issued a clarion call that all pastors should boldly and clearly from their pulpits proclaim that "In this church, We Vote!"

Furthermore, he reminded all that their vote is a personal act of delegating God's authority to a fellow citizen to serve His designed purpose of earthly government. We, as a "good steward of God's authority, must activate that power through our vote" and exercise the strength of self-governance in a constitutional republic. All Christians are called to cast a prayerful, informed, biblically grounded vote for the best candidate available in each race in every election.

The meeting held last Thursday was the first in a series of Texas Pastor Council-hosted strategy summits that are planned to take place in key cities across Texas. Each event aims to build deeper community ties and enlist additional pastors to Stand in the Gap on critical issues that impact our city, county, and state law enforcement officials and policymakers. Further details about upcoming events will be posted in the events tab at