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Tayler Hansen: The “All Ages” Drag Show Epidemic Plaguing America

As a child, I remember hearing about the great things the future would hold for my generation, and the generations that would come after. Flying cars, advanced healthcare, Utopian like living conditions. Instead, we have full grown men sexualizing children, groups pushing to “destigmatize” pedophilia, and an entire generation of children being taught to hate themselves, their parents, and their country. 

Children are being groomed into sterilizing themselves by receiving what the machine calls “Gender Affirming Healthcare”. Which of course is referring to butchering children’s private parts which leaves them infertile, stuck on medications, prone to infections, and reliant on the very system that is responsible for confusing and mutilating them in the first place. Don’t get this twisted, the point of exposing children to gender ideology and drag shows is to ...