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Utopian socialists suffer horrible delusion (part 2)

Utopian socialism is a current passion eagerly pursued in the West, and just as passionately resisted in nations that have tried it.

Utopian socialists suffer a horrible delusion, believing that the paradise they build will be a land of no religion, the minimum of law, and highly flexible boundaries, since many believe there is no need for borders and limitations, fallen human nature having been shed and replaced with the denial of original sin.

Sadly, like Cain, who thought there would be no consequences for murdering his brother, the need for inviolable boundaries becomes just as urgent in the heart of modern idealists as it was for Cain.

Was there really a “beyond” with respect to the Garden of Eden?

After murdering his brother, Cain found out the hard way that there was indeed a “where” beyond the Eden Paradise. “Nod” was a chaotic place of hopeless wandering, a wild region where there was no regard for human life, a land so wild that Cain would have no hope for survival if God Himself did not establish a boundary in the form of ...