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This Scary Experiment Explains Two Years of COVID Hell

In case you were wondering why all views contrary to the Official Narrative have been canceled, it's because of the Asch Conformity Experiment.

We have just gone through a nationwide, and actually a worldwide, Asch Conformity Experiment.  As implied, the goal of the experiment was not to get to the truth.  It was to get conformity.  Only conformity is allowed.

Asch showed that people will actually believe things that they know to be false if they think everybody else believes those things.  That is the point of the COVID nightmare experiment we just lived though.  You must believe:

  • COVID is hugely riskier than it actually was, so any actions are justified.
  • Vaccines are your only hope, even though the technology has never worked.
  • Vaccines are safe and effective, although they were tested for only a few months.
  • The unvaxxed are subhuman murderers, to be shunned and even left to die.
  • Not wearing a known-to-be-useless mask is a sign of relentless selfishness.
  • Children, who are at almost no risk, must be vaxxed, or they will kill Granny.

None of these makes sense.  However, no dissent can be allowed because the Asch Conformity Experiment showed that if one person stands up to the narrative, it is easier for the second one to dissent.  Then another and another stand up, and then control is ...