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Pastor's Mandate for Christian Education

Pastors and Christian Education

The most significant cause retarding the growth of Christian influence in our country is the refusal of pastors to teach God’s MANDATE for Christian education, and their “taking cover” rather than addressing the urgent need for Christian education. Many pastors “take cover” for fear of offending public-school employees and families in their churches. Instead of rising to lead by calling churches to begin Christian schools or by encouraging homeschooling, pastors ignore education altogether and avoid teaching parents the clear biblical principles for educating children. (Mt. 19:14, Mt. 28:18-20, Dt. 6:1-9, Eph. 6:4).

The public-school system indoctrinates Christian children, and all children, away from the Christian faith and a Christian worldview. Government schools, in their stated mission to secularize the culture, are not academically, morally, physically or spiritually safe for Christian children. 

Indisputable Facts Require Attention

In 2017, the Barna Research Group published a report that revealed only 9% of conservative pastors strongly and aggressively support Christian schooling. Another 21% support Christian schools and may even have their own children there but fail to teach or encourage their members to ...