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7 Reasons Parents Should Have No Say Whatsoever In Their Child’s Education

Do you think parents should have a say in their kids' education? You're wrong! Here are 7 reasons parents need to just stay away and let the professionals raise their kids. 

1) Parents don't know anything about kids: It's true. Most of them don't have master's degrees in kid-raising or education. Sad! 

2) Most parents don't raise their kids to be unquestioning drones of the dystopian state: Very selfish of them.

3) Uneducated parents might only know about two of the genders: What a bunch of dopes! Do you want your kid to be underprepared for her gender studies degree? 

4) Parents' judgment can't be trusted since they chose to have kids instead of getting an abortion: Having kids is like, the WORST thing you can do for the planet. Gross. 

5) Parents may read books like Cat in the Hat or Tuttle Twins instead of ...