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What happened at the debate?

What happened at the debate?

Greetings Friends,

Tuesday night’s debate was …well…not a debate. 

And – fair warning – this is not going to be easy to read. If you are tough, continue. If not, best to stop. No snowflakes beyond this point.


Those who went into the debate for Biden came out for Biden, so relieved that he did not announce that he was “running for President of Uganda, this year in 1996.”

Those who went into the debate for Trump came out for Trump, some glad he punched hard, others saying he should not have punched so hard.


Many reported on social media that they were exhausted and barely made it through the debate. Some prided themselves that they turned it off. How noble. Especially when you consider that the President has been getting by on four hours of sleep for four years trying to save the Republic. 

Some said it made them feel “uncomfortable.” Sorry to be so direct but…tough! The debate we witnessed was merely a reflection of our entire polarized nation. That was not “them” on the platform. That is us. We are a people deeply divided. I would hope it would make you uncomfortable that you will take action to stand greater, stronger, better, and more efficiently for biblical truth. 


And for the record, this is no longer the nice Republican Party against the nice Democrat Party. This is not even Right vs. Left. We are way beyond that. This is right vs. wrong. This is Good vs. Evil ...