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2020 Well Versed Day Summit Simulcast

2020 Well Versed Day Summit Simulcast

There is an old axiom which says that “he who controls the language (definitions) wins the argument.” Ever notice that we are losing many discussions because the anti-biblicists control the language?

They say you are “intolerant,” that you “hate,” and that you refuse to allow people to “love” whom they want. They are for marriage “equality.” They are for “choice.” You are for taking away the “rights” of woman. 

You are a “racist.” How do I know? Well, it might be because you are White. Or – if you are Black or Brown but won’t lift your clenched fist and chant “Black Lives Matter” then you – even though you might be Black – are a “racist.” (If you watch the news, you know that I am not making this up.) It is happening daily, with BLM-ers (overwhelmingly White, by the way) going into restaurants, demanding people raise their clenched fist in solidarity, and say “Black Lives Matter.” If they don’t, they will yell at you, take your food and drink – in broad daylight – in America. We personally experienced some of this chaos as we exited the White House after the President’s acceptance speech on August 27. It was ugly. It was vile, vitriolic and diabolical. 

And we are also told that such things as discipline and order and strategic thinking are all … guessed it….racist. For real.

What do we do? For starters we pray. Lots.

But we act. And we learn. We might not be able to reach far extreme radicals. (But God can.)

But there are many in the “mushy middle” who can be reached, who are open to rationale, and who are open to logic. And – best of all – are open to the Gospel, the message of Jesus Christ. 

In the FREE simulcast from Washington, DC this Sunday, September 27, from 8:30am to 5pm Eastern time, we are going to talk about how to reclaim the words, to reclaim the language. Click on the link below to register for the

2020 Well Versed Day Summit Simulcast!