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We need more than posturing and posting

We need more than posturing and posting

They are trying to divide us.

Because nearly everyone agrees that the death of George Floyd was a tragedy that should be averted, the Left needed something to reignite a sense of division and partisanship. As a result, we have seen a concerted effort to turn a moment of clarity and unity into one of destruction. Peaceful protests were conflated with riots, so that one could not condemn the latter without being accused of opposing the former.

As I said in my recent article in Breitbart, I stand with the peaceful protesters. But violence will only end up hurting the most vulnerable and destroying minority communities. Absurd recommendations (like disbanding the police) will also have a disproportionate effect on the poor, who can't afford to live in gated communities with private security.

It should be obvious that the Left is, once again, trying to hijack a civil rights issue. We cannot let them do so. We must unite for the future of our country.

That was my message when I joined with the US Pastor Council for a prayer service in front of Houston's City Hall last week. You can watch the video at this link.

While it's gratifying to see many people - not to mention companies, organizations, and politicians - calling for a better understanding of black issues, it's hard to escape the feeling that this is only posturing.

Change is not a Facebook post. Lecturing other people about the need to "listen" or be more sensitive is not activism.

What's more, the vagueness of it all shows ...