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Who Is Discriminating Against Who?

Who Is Discriminating Against Who?

The LGBTQ community speaks loud and clear with marches, parades, protests, petitions, and rallies to portray their various forms of sexuality as alternative lifestyles. They seek acceptance with the intent of including homosexuality as normal and even Biblical. The LGBTQ community wants the right to indoctrinate children with crossdressing and gender alternatives as a solution to their questions on their identity. They have strategically organized themselves to legally diminish anyone who refuses to accept their lifestyle. They have convinced the justice system that anyone who speaks against them is acting in discrimination. They have infiltrated the courts and various government entities across the nations. They openly and without restriction display their same-sex relationships in every facet of media, entertainment, and advertisements. Any entity that does not join with them is considered a traitor to civil rights and anti-American.

If you dare to express your Biblical convictions against any aspect of their lifestyle, you will immediately receive negative responses, up to and including loss of employment, lawsuits, protests against your businesses, acts of violence and death threats. If you or your church are bold enough to step to the forefront and offer guidance and counseling for those that may want to step out of homosexuality or seek help in their gender confusion, you are breaking the law in some states and may find yourself behind bars or severely fined. The LGBTQ organizations have manipulated many of our leaders to restrict any form of religious expression that does not align with the acceptance of a same-sex relationship.

Wait, weren't we guaranteed freedom of speech and religion under the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States? Wouldn't that give everyone the right to have an opposing viewpoint and the right to freely express it without the fear of being imprisoned, fined or sued? When did expression of an opposing viewpoint or belief constitute an act of discrimination?  If we have the right to worship and believe in the Word of God, why are they trying so hard to go against us as in the example of the 10-year old girl who would not stand with them?


Why is it permissible and encouraged for gender alternatives to be promoted in our school system and included in family geared television slots? If we have such a freedom, why is the name of Jesus still banned from schools and prayer not allowed? Why does the media fight so hard to keep Christ's name from appearing in any forum? Why is the One who promoted love, peace and eternal hope banned and those that incite promiscuity, perversion, lusts and devilish sensuality allowed to dominate in every forum? Who is really being discriminated against?

Why does the gay community have such animosity against Christians? There have been some who have incorrectly and unlovingly addressed this sin. Unfortunately, their efforts to show their disapproval of the gay lifestyle on a Biblical basis has manifested in hate and acts of violence. This is so unfortunate because this type of behavior is not the will of our Savior. Jesus offers hope and freedom. Jesus gives love unconditionally. If you are living the homosexual lifestyle, Jesus does not condemn you. He certainly does not condone your sin, but He has outstretched arms waiting for you to surrender to His will. Therefore, any follower of our Lord should follow His example and be willing to love and embrace the sinner without compromising our stand for holiness. We should never accept the sin, but always love the sinner. For we have all sinned and no one is excluded.

Make no mistake about it. Christians are being discriminated against. There is a message of power contained in the scriptures for deliverance from every stronghold. This message of freedom is what the enemy so desperately wants to silence. The message of hope for those that struggle and do not want the lifestyle of homosexuality is contained in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, it is this Gospel that the world rejects because it goes against their flesh and worldly desires. It is this same Gospel that we urge all to declare without being silenced. It is the power of God unto salvation. If we hide this Gospel in fear of offense from the LGBTQ community, then we hide the very hope they need to bring them freedom.

We do not want to discriminate against anyone. We want to show a sin filled world, of which we have been very willing participants, that there is hope and freedom in Christ. We believe that the Constitution of the United States gives us the right to express our convictions and to declare the truth of God's Word to anyone, including every member of the LGBTQ community. We will continue to do so in the same spirit of love that our Savior has displayed.


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