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Church Voter Mobilization – Houston 2019

OVERVIEW:  The struggle for the future direction of the City of Houston is front and center with the election for Mayor and all sixteen City Council positions on the ballot this November 5.  It has never been more important that EVERY one of our Bible-based churches turn out every eligible citizen to cast a prayerful, informed vote.  It is time to raise the standard and turn the city toward being governed morally, responsibly and ethically rather than surrendering it to godless and immoral policies.  God cares about city governance and so should His shepherds and people!

OBJECTIVE :  The core of our action plan to EQUIP and MOBILIZE hundreds of churches through direct relational contact, web-based resources, radio, pastor events and social media to maximize prayerful, informed and biblical voter turnout for the November 5, 2019 election.

Voter Mobilization Steps

(Plan must be duplicated for the December Runoff Election)

We again plan to offer all needed assistance to our churches in fulfilling the following critical action steps in the next ninety days as resources allow:

  1. Voter PREParation Preaching and teaching congregants basic principles of WHY we vote.  (Materials available)
  2. Voter REGistrationAssigning staff or church leader to perform voter registration activities so EVERY person is registered and updated.
  3. Voter INFORMationProviding non-partisan, non-advocacy materials about where all the candidates stand on critical issues so our people cast a biblical, informed vote.
  4. Voter ACTivation Openly, assertively and effectively use pulpit and all church communications to get every voter to the polls – no excuses, no exceptions!  Early Voting makes it easy for all to vote!

Key 2019 Election Dates

  • Deadline to Register to VoteMonday, October 7 (forms received by county office)

  • Early VotingOctober 21 to November 1

  • Election Day Tuesday, November 5


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Contact Texas Pastor Council at 832-688-9166, by email to or fax at 832-688-8484 with any questions or anything to assist pastors in carrying out this ministry!


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