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Church Voter Mobilization – Houston 2019

Pastors and Elders:

Please download and use these resources as you believe helpful and appropriate in maximizing your churches' informed voter turnout.  Please contact us with requests for any additional information or resources and don't hesitate...that is why we are here!

The initial 2019 Houston Church Voter Mobilization Kit includes:



Download PDF Voter Guide by Clicking on Either Image!

Click on a candidate's name below to review the orginal, completed and signed survey with all questions included! (All candidates listed in the HAPC voter guide will be listed)

2019 Houston Candidates - Mayor

2019 Houston Candidates - City Controller

2019 Houston Candidates - At Large 1

2019 Houston City Candidates - At Large 2

2019 Houston City Candidates - At Large 3

2019 Houston City Candidates - At Large 4

2019 Houston City Candidates - At Large 5

2019 Houston City Candidates - District A

City Council District B

City Council District C

City Council District D

City Council District E

City Council District F

City Council District G


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